Monday, February 14, 2011

Halter floral dress

I'm crazy about floral dresses, you could see that in my collection, there's loads of them! I found it very difficult to find pretty floral dresses which fits my taste and when I do, it's very expensive;

But fear not, my friend! I manage to find waay more affordable but nevertheless, the same beauty;
Halter floral dresss:

                                           HFD 01 (SOLD)                                               HFD02(SOLD)
It's fits every occasion, and when you want to look modest, just add cardigan and jeans and you're good to go! There's other pattern as well and we personally think they all just beautiful :-)

Price : IDR 76500 now IDR 50.000 only!
Fabric : Cotton with glitter details (stretchable with elastic band on the bust area)
Size: Free size
Description : 
Length - 75cm
(Best fits into S-M person )


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